Memory Lapse


The data files corrupt

fast-forward eats the tape

the CD is scratched

from the sky, the sun eventually escapes


time eats the memories

fire burns the photography

supermassive black hole drinks the known universe

the inkwells will dry


keep filling empty pools

spring follows winter fools

All good things eventually collapse

it is in the nature of memory to lapse



we walked over ashen trails

kilos on kilometres, deep

dark woods. we came to

a clearing


it rained ashes, the wind swirled

you had tree trunks for legs that

swept up the black metal casing

of your tower


The gnarly roots grew seeping in

slipping through to your

CPU, as only in deep

dark woods those gnarly roots do


Up, up past your cooling unit

it no longer burned

static on the monitor

bird shit on the power supply


I checked to see if the power was

plugged in. but only found that

I no longer could turn you on

so I sat and waited a while


on an otherwise amicable day

overcast skies filled with ashes

some days it rained. we stayed dry

some days it was sunny. we were sunk


I remember a robot I once met

a patron of planned obsolescence

an antique traveler, in brand new land

I think about how much we are alike now


old rotting machines in

deep dark woods

searching for a clearing

covered in gnarly roots

waiting for rains to come again



Apathetic Poetics

I knew I would regret it

If I grew up to be Apathetically Poetic

The cynics, behind the scenes

The black Klansman high-fives the Jew-Nazi

While the gay-bashing homo tells all of his friends,

About all his threesomes with lesbians

The good politician tells us the truth

The clown gives you a low-fat sandwich and

A friendly pat on the tush

The Pope does something about the boys being poked

Israel tells Syria it was all just a joke

Here comes the loud-silent complacent commotion

Here comes the oilman to save the ocean

Let’s move to a democratic Iraq,

Iran, I laughed!

The young girl had a hot flash

Water froze in the Antarctic

Wall Street gave back

Let Obama be black

Will there ever be a white president?

Will they ever set precedence,

Or allow factual evidence?

It’s full serve in Oregon,

You’ve been served on Earth

Drink the Kool-Aid

It’s the cure for Aids

Hold me closer great big dancer

Kevorkian found the cure for cancer

And the disease from which we can’t be saved

Let’s set a precedence of affirmative action and

Steal Neil’s heart of gold right out her chest

Straight between real fake breasts

Go to war for freedom,

Buy smart, it’s cheaper at Wal-Mart

My favourite agency

Where we can throw down our values and

Keep a space for complacency

The world’s best poetics

Apathetic Poetics: goddamn them